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"Traditional hiring practices don't work...but companies keep using them hoping for the best.  That's insanity!  Consider using the Fast-Forward Resume (FFR) to identify your Key Deliverables, then reverse engineer them for the quantifiable results expected, implement key time frames, and watch as your managers and executive staff truly manage themselves.  Your company's goals will be achieved, your company will evolve, and your Top Talent will stay with you."

Janet Boydell           

Janet has established a series of trademarked tools and tips to help CEOs identify top talent...bypassing antiquated standards and attracting the right candidates who'll actually achieve business goals.

Janet's tools and tips make attracting the best talent, the best employees, the best career and the best companies absolutely possible.  It's about everyone - on both sides of the desk - gaining a renewed sense of power and confidence.

Forms, Templates, Tools and Tips 

  • Fast-Forward ResumeThe Template for success PDF Download
  • FLASH™ Hiring Assessment Form PDF Download
  • FLASH™ Hiring Tip Sheet  PDF Download
  • Complete Reference Validation Form™  PDF Download
  •      Call Janet for information about the following:
  • Career Dream Sheet™ (For candidates)
  • Success Factor Methodology (8 Step Hiring Process)
  • Top Ten Hiring Mistakes (A survey & results)
  • SOAR™ Worksheet (Building The Success Factor Snapshot™)
  • Eight-Dimension Success Matrix Assessment Form
  • Eight-Point Success Validation Form (Reference checking)

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